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About WPA

At Workpress Aviation we specialize in manufacturing components made of various types of materials for the aerospace industry. We dispose of contemporary technology for production, customization, and control of components for aerospace interiors and offer complete equipment for machining and cutting material. We pay special attention to every single part, no matter the size. Since every client is unique, they deserve an individual and professional approach.

Key facts

Key facts

99,3 %

Average customer satisfaction

99 %

Timeless delivery


Types of products


Average pieces of piece production

Team of experts

We pay attention to every single detail and insist on high quality service. The same goes for our team of experts in the industry. This is the only way we can do superior performances.



We pay the greatest attention to every little piece. We are given to work well.

Production speed

Products, including finishing work and protocols, can be delivered within hours of demand for their production.


We are a dynamic company and respond to the demands of our customers in real time.

Highest standards

At Workpress Aviation, we invest into growth and new technologies, so we can offer the highest quality products and the best service. We count on the timeliness and quality of deliveries, which is currently at 99.2 %. In order to achieve this result, we make all the operations on our products directly in our country.

Top-tier clients across the Globe

Our products are used by the world leading Airlines Airbus, Lufthansa, Air Chine, Blue Wings, Boing, Bell Helicopter, SAAB, Air Castle, Zodiac Aerospace and many more.

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